Frequently Asked Questions


What time can I order?

The online shop is open from 10am – 8.30am. For example, to order food for Tuesday lunch – you can order from 10am on Monday to 8.30am on Tuesday morning. I strongly advise that you order the evening before if possible, this will ensure you have a wider range to order (as items may sell out), and the website can be very busy in the morning, which can lead to delays. Your order must be completed before 8.30am. Please set an alarm for yourself to remind you (or your child) to order. The webshop is not available between 8.30am and 10am daily.

Will I get an order confirmation?

Yes, a confirmation will be emailed to you when your payment is complete. Please check your spam or junk folder if you do not see it in your inbox. If you do not receive an order confirmation email, your order has not been placed.

Can I order for several days at once?

No, orders must be placed for each day.

Is food available to purchase on the day (without preordering)?

No, all food is made to order, so there will be no extra food available. Cold drinks and a small range of snacks are available to purchase at lunchtime, but please be aware that this does not include sandwiches, salads or hot meals.

What if I need to postpone / amend my order?

If the student will not be in school on the day, please email me at before 8.15am on the day required. Please do not contact me through social media to postpone an order as I do not have access to these while in school. I will postpone the order until the next day the student is in school.

Is there a minimum order amount?

Yes, the minimum order amount is €3.

Can you amend dishes?

Unfortunately not. The dishes are served as listed on the website. They are made fresh daily, and so are only available on the days specified.

Why have some prices increased?

The price of almost every product I use has increased since January 2021. I have absorbed as many of these increases as possible, but unfortunately I have had to pass on some of this price increase to you. I hate doing this, but it is necessary for me to continue to operate.

Can I order from both the Junior School menu and Intermediate/Senior school menu?

Yes, but please note: the Junior School menu is strictly for Grades 1-3 only, and the Intermediate/Senior school menu is for grades 4-6 and years 1-6 only. So you can order from both menus if you have children in different Schools. Please see below as to how to allocate items to each student.

Can I order for more than one student on the same order?

Yes, please ensure it is clear what products are for each student and what class/year they are in, using the comments box at checkout. For example:


John – 1st year:

1 x ham & cheese hot

1 x capri sun

David – Ms. O’Halloran:

1 x chicken salad sandwich

1 x still water

What packaging do you use?

I have worked hard to reduce our use of single use plastic. All the food packaging I use is biodegradable or compostable.

How does the student receive their order?

Orders for the Junior School (Grades 1-3) will be delivered to their classroom before their little break. Intermediate School students will come down to the canteen and collect at 12.10pm, while senior students can collect from the canteen from 1pm – 1.30pm


Where do you buy your products from?

I try to buy as much as possible from local, independently owned suppliers. These include:

Ray Collier butchers, Howth

Keelings fresh produce, Dublin

Blake Brothers, Dublin

Conaty Catering, Dublin

Good4U, Sligo